Written and Directed by James Cunningham
Produced by Paul Swadel
Exceutive Produced by Morrison Grieve; Bruce Morrison, Bruce Sheridan & William Grieve
In association with the short film fund of the New Zealand Film Commision
A Supercollider Production

Computer animation production: James Cunningham
Realisation consultant: Lisa Bailey
Script consultant: Geoff Houtman
Design consultant: Andrew Malloy
Edit consultant: Ken Sparks
Inferno editor: Stefan Coory @ Digital Post
Technical support: Matt Cunningham @ Digital Post
Post production facility: Digital Post

Sound design: Dave Whitehead
Music composition: Joost Langeveld
Foley artist: Rachel Kean

Resource assistance:

Dave Demmocks, SGI NZ. School of Architechture @ Princeton University.
Mark Sylvester, A|W. Evan Woo.

Film recording and laboratory: The Film Unit
Cine-post supervisor: Colin Tyler
Cine-sound supervisor: John Neill
Digital dolby sound mix: Michael Hedges
Mix assistant: John Boswell
Film grade: Lyn Seaman

Thanks to:

3D dept @ Digital Post, Fat Films,
Angela Bell, Scott Bruce, Mark Campbell, Reuben de Lautour
Fat Films, Mary-Catherine Harrison, Anne. E. Lester
Drew Levy, John Sarnecki, James Turner.
Gary Little, Jeff Sanchez-Smith, Marc Sanchez