Written and Directed by James Cunningham
Produced by Paul Swadel
In association with the short film fund of the New Zealand Film Commision
A Supercollider Production

3D modelling and character animation: James Cunningham
Digital compositing: James Cunningham
Sound design and tracklay: Dave Whitehead
Music composition: Pitch Black; Micheal Hodgeson and Paddy Free
Sound post: Deep Grooves & R. J. Reade Audio
Dolby sound mix: Dave Whitehead & The Film Unit
Rendering resources and assistance: Digital Post
Film recording and laboratory: The Film Unit
Film post and co-ordination: Colin Tyler, Sean Glasson and John Neill @ The Film Unit
Alias|Wavefront software supplied by: Spatial Analysis facility @ University of Auckland
Realisation assistance:
Silicon Graphics (NZ)
University of Auckland - Elam School of Fine Arts
University of Auckland - Graeme Glenn
Centre for High Performance Computing at Auck Uni
Special thanks to:
Lisa Bailey
Andrew Malloy
John Fairclough
Megan Jenkinson
Jeff Sanchez-Smith
Gary Little @ Digital Post
Chris Webb
Paul Lake
Kane Massey